Open Class

Open Class

Advance registration is REQUIRED FOR ALL FIRST TIME EXHIBITORS! Advance entry is encouraged for all other items so that entry tags can be made available to you prior to the fair. It is recommended that you pick up your tags at the Fair Office Saturday and Sunday prior to the fair, thereby saving you time on entry day. No items accepted prior to entry day.

Please send or e-mail your entry forms by July 20th so tags can be prepared in advance. You will then be able to pick up

your tags at the Fair office on Sunday prior to the fair. After July 20th, entry forms can be dropped off at the fair office, however; tags will not be available for these entries until entry day on Tuesday. Livestock entries must be received by July 14th to insure receipt of premium check at conclusion of the fair.

Please enter all intended exhibits - exhibits not brought can be deleted on entry day. Entries added on entry day will have to wait for their tags to be prepared.

Tuesday, July 20 • Noon to 7 p.m.

Entry day and time for Dry Goods Divisions

Wednesday, July 21 • Judging

Open Class Building will be closed at this time

Building Open to the Public at 6 p.m.



Dairy and Beef: $5 per lot

Beef entry is by advance entry only & must be received by July ??

Sheep: $2 per lot

Jackpot Market Steers: $5

Swine: $5

Dry Goods: NO FEE




Isanti County Fair Open Class

PO Box 313

Cambridge, MN 55008




Dry Goods: Donna Kidrowski - 763-234-4190

Livestock-Beef Cattle: Beth Sorenson - 763-202-3858

Livestock-Dairy Cattle: Jenni Skiba - 612-756-2838

Livestock-Sheep: Nick Carlson - 763-439-4476

Livestock: Swine - Erik Wentworth - 763-245-7431

2021 Isanti County Fair Premium Book